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The Mazda CX-7 car model is another one among the numerous car models manufactured and produced by one of the most influential car manufacturers namely Mazda Motor Corporation and has sold thousands and even hundreds of thousands of units ever since its introduction into the world of cars and automobiles as of today. It is a car model that can be best described as a cross-over between Sports Utility Vehicles and sports cars. It is sleek and compact on the outside and spacious and luxurious on the inside. Up to five passengers can ride this car wonder that features high driving position capabilities coupled with superior visibility found in SUVs whilst mimicking the agility of a sports car.

It has a light-weight direct injection engine made up of all aluminum parts with 2.3 liter capabilities of turbo charged engines. Together with the patented Mazda high performance assurance, this Mazda CX-7 is one of the best if not the best model that the Mazda Motor Corporation has brought into the market as of today.

Base MSRP for New Mazda CX-7: $21,990
Estimated Price Range for Used Mazda CX-7: $7,000-$20,000
Estimated MPG for Mazda CX-7: 22 City/33 Hwy
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