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The Mazda 323 is another one of the many good models manufactured by the elite company Mazda Motor Corporation. It is also known as the “Mazda Familia”, one of the top of the line nameplates selling over 10 millions units from the period of 1964 up to 2003. The most recent of these Mazda Familia is the Mazda 323, a sedan type of vehicle that has numerous models dating way back since the 1980s. Most of these Mazda 323 models have either manual or automatic transmission configurations coupled with 3, 4, or 5 speed variations and front, rear or four wheel drive capabilities.

Among the numerous models under the Mazda 323 name, there are 2 doors, 3 doors, 4 doors and even 5 doors of sedan and hatchback classifications. These models come with numerous types of engines like the B3, B5, B6, BPT Turbo and PN kinds of engines. As of the latest, the Mazda 323 has been one of the best selling Mazda cars and automobiles all over the world.

Estimated Price Range for Used Mazda 323: $1,500-$4,900
Estimated MPG for Mazda 323: 21 City/27 Hwy
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