Used Maybach Cars

MaybachMaybach’s origins date back over a century ago, when Wilhelm Maybach constructed a car that goes down history as the first luxury marque. Karl Maybach, his son, took on the company’s reins and built more vehicles that set the standard for cars in the 1920s. Karl set out to develop a first-rate petrol-powered functional car, and the outcome was the W1, a test car which was based on a Mercedes chassis that can seat four persons. Next in line was the production of the W2 motor vehicle engine. Maybach developed the six-cylinder engine that makes 70 horsepower at 2200 rpm.

Maybach eventually built his own cars fitted with the W2 engines that did not take off in the market. At the 1921 Motor Show held in Berlin, the W3 was introduced. By 1926, Maybach presented the W5, which was equipped with a six-cylinder in-line engine and could produce 120 horsepower from its displacement of 6992 cubic centimeters.