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The Lotus Esprit is among the numerous car models that belong to the highest class brought to the commercial market by the Lotus Company. This particular car model was made solely for United Kingdom and has been on the market since 1976 up to 2004. The first generation of the Esprit series was launched last October of 1975, replacing other old and traditional models of the Lotus brand. There have been numerous models that have been based on this Esprit model, most of which utilize the powerful V8 engine.

The Lotus Esprit comes in both manual and automatic transmissions with 5 and 6 speed configurations. It comes in 2.0 Liters, 2.2 Liters and 3.5 Liters of capacity depending upon the type of V8 engine that was used in it. The fuel capacity ranges from 65 up to 70 liters, and a typical Esprit weighs between 2,600 pounds up to 2,700 pounds. Since then it has sold thousands and thousands of units in U.K. alone.

Estimated Price Range for Used Lotus Esprit: $13,000-$45,000
Estimated MPG for Lotus Esprit: 16 City/24 Hwy
Available Trims: Base, SE, V8, Turbo
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