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The Lotus Elise is another one of the numerous best selling cars manufactured under the Lotus franchise. It is a two seat roadster type of vehicle that has a mid-sized engine. Its body shell is made from hand furnished fiber glass on top of the aluminum chassis. It has a rigid platform and suspension with the capability of going in the speeds of 240 kilometers per hour. It has undergone numerous changes and up to date has been available for every car lover and fanatic to drive and enjoy.

The Lotus Elise features the luxury and convenience that only the Lotus branded cars can provide. It is available in 5-speed manual transmission of configuration and 6-speed of both automatic and manual transmissions. The present model is the 2008 model that can produce a whopping 189 horsepower due to its powerful engine. In Europe there are numerous models available for the Elise namely the Elise S, Elise SC and the Elise R, all of which have sold hundreds of units as of the latest.

Estimated Price Range for Used Lotus Elise: $22,000-$54,000
Estimated MPG for Lotus Elise: 20 City/26 Hwy
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