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Lincoln produced the Lincoln Mark series of personal luxury cars from 1956 until 1998. Being offered in seven series, the Lincoln Mark is being offered as a two-door personal luxury coupe during its running period except for the model year 1980 until 1983 when the Lincoln Mark VI was offered to the public as a four-door sedan.

Part of the Lincoln Mark series is the Continental Mark II, Continental Mark IV, Continental Mark V, Continental Mark VI, Continental Mark VII and the Continental Mark VIII. Special edition Lincoln Mark series was introduced with color, interior and trim choices by popular fashion designers.

To honor a dying breed, a “Collector’s Series” edition has been offered by Lincoln for the 1979 model Mark V and Lincoln Continental sedan. The Lincoln Mark series was downsized in 1984. And as it possess in the mid 1970s, the Lincoln Mark series shared a manifesto with the Ford Thunderbird. Although the Lincoln Mark VII featured considerably unusual styling, the similarity to the Thunderbird is quite obvious.

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