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The Lexus LX comes from the luxury division of the automobile authority Toyota namely the Lexus brand. It is an SUV or Sports Utility Vehicle and has been sold in the market under the Lexus brand since 1996. It comes in varieties of medium sized and full sized four-doors with a 4-wheel drive capability. It is closely related to the Toyota Land Cruiser, a similar SUV from its mother company Toyota.

This Lexus LX comes in either automatic or manual transmission with the speeds of 4, 5 and 6 depending on the year model. The fuel capacity is roughly 93 liters, making it one of the largest fuel containing SUVs as of the past decade. The latest model of this LX series will be available in various parts of the world like the Philippines, Brunei, China, Indonesia, Taiwan and North America. It has an annual sales average of almost 8,000 units sold, making it one of the high selling luxury type of SUVs in the market as of today.

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