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The Lexus IS can be considered as one of the high performing and best quality series that the elite car manufacturing company Toyota under its luxury brand Lexus has produced since 1999. It is comprised of luxury cars and executive cars that are considered to be of the “entry level”. The very first generation of this series was the “Lexus IS 200” that debuted last 1998 and the latest model is the Lexus IS 250 C.

The Lexus IS series of cars are available in both manual and automatic transmissions of configurations with the speeds of 4, 5 and 6. It is considered to be a hybrid of a sedan and a sports car with a twist of luxury and executive features that make it one of the best cars of its variety as of date. The engines are all Lexus made, featuring the 1G-FE I6 and the 2JZ-GE I6 engines that come with the needed power, making the cars within the Lexus IS series as powerful as it should be.

Base MSRP for New Lexus IS: $33,295
Estimated Price Range for Used Lexus IS: $9,000-$32,000
Estimated MPG for Lexus IS: 21 City/29 Hwy
Available Trims: 250, 250C, 300, 350, 350C
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