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The prestigious car brand Lexus, a luxury division of the automobile giant Toyota, has done it again with the induction of one of its best selling cars, the Lexus GX. This medium sized SUV or Sports Utility Vehicle was made available into the commercial market last 2003 and has since then sold hundreds or even thousands of units across the globe. It is a luxury type of vehicle with 4 doors, a luxurious and spacious interior and an elegant and stylish exterior, making it one of the most sought about SUVs in the market as of today.

This Lexus GX is available in both front wheel drive and 4 wheel drive configurations together with either manual or automatic transmission. It can reach the speed of 5 with its powerful V8 Lexus engine. It has a fuel capacity of 23 gallons or nearly 87 liters coupled with a fuel and energy saving feature. It is one of the top listing luxury SUVs that can be considered as the apple of the eye of most avid car collectors as of date.

Base MSRP for New Lexus GX: $53,045
Estimated Price Range for Used Lexus GX: $42,000-$52,000
Estimated MPG for Lexus GX: 15 City/20 Hwy
Available Trims: 460, 470
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