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The Jeep Wagoneer, available from 1963 until 1991, was one of the most enduring brands of vehicles. This sport utility vehicle (SUV) was first made by Willys Motors, which at that time, had a name change to Kaiser Jeep Corporation. The first batch of Wagoneers used Willys’ 140 hp “Tornado” SOHC 3.8 L inline six-cylinder engine. The fuel efficiency of the engine took a back seat as cooling concerns were the owner’s main problems.

A lower-compression 133 hp version of the engine was introduced in 1964. When American Motors Company acquired Jeep, engine noise, vibration and engine harshness were the components that were prioritized by AMC for improvement. The Wagoneer continued its popularity when Chrysler acquired Jeep in 1987, with redesigning of taillamps, grille, and instrument panel was done. By the time the Wagoneer line was to be discontinued, a lot of its parts were sourced from the other auto companies like Ford and GM.

Estimated Price Range for Used Jeep Wagoneer: $1,000-$20,000
Estimated MPG for Jeep Wagoneer: 14 City/19 Hwy
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