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The Jeep Jeepster was one of the most durable and historic lines of vehicles sold under the Jeep marque. The first manufacturers of Jeeps, Willys-Overland produced Jeepsters for two years, from 1948 to 1950. After sixteen years, the Jeepster brand was used again with the C-101 Jeepster Commando. However, the American Motors Company (AMC), which succeeded Willys-Overland, resigned the Jeepster name in 1972.

Production was halted after the 1973 model year. The Jeepster was manufactured to fill in the gap of passenger automobiles that was missing in the Willys line-up. A revival of the Jeepster was done in 1966 as the Jeepster Commando, available in different body styles: Convertible, Pickup, Station wagon/SUV, and roadster. Although the Jeepster brand was retired in 1972, the model was still produced for two more years as the Jeep Commando, available in a 232 cu in or 258 cu in AMC Straight-6 or a 304 cu in AMC V8 engine.

Estimated Price Range for Used Jeep Commando: $1,500-$10,000
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