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Jaguar X-Type 150

The Jaguar X-Type is another one of the great innovations and improvements brought into the luxury car industry by the elite luxury car making company Jaguar. It is one of the smallest amongst the available Jaguar saloons as of today. It comes in both front wheel and four wheel drive configurations. It is available in both manual and automatic transmissions with the speeds of 6 and 5 respectively. It also has the all powerful Jaguar V6 engine, making it one of the smallest yet powerful types of automobile available in the market as of today.

This Jaguar X-Type truly is one of the best amongst the many luxurious executive types of vehicles brought to everyone by the Jaguar brand. It has whopping sales statistics reaching 50 thousand units annually. Today, it is one of the best selling and most sought out Jaguar luxury car models by both car collectors and car enthusiasts. Truly it is one of the best executive car models available for the enjoyment and utilization of everyone as of the latest.

Estimated Price Range for Used Jaguar X-Type: $2,900-$20,000
Estimated MPG for Jaguar X-Type: 17 City/24 Hwy
Available Trims: Base, 2.5, 3.0
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