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The Jaguar XK series is one of the best and top of the line series of luxury cars brought into the market by the world famous car company Jaguar. It is a grand tourer type of vehicle mainly of British origins that was first introduced into the industry last 1995. It replaced the XJS series of the said company in its list of available automobiles since then. It is now currently in the 2nd generation, with up coming generation models to be put up for sale for the next decade.

This Jaguar XK comes in both the coupe and convertible types of luxury cars. It has a luxurious and spacious interior and an elegant exterior. It has within it the all powerful Jaguar V8 engine coming in at both manual and automatic transmissions of 5 and 6 speeds. Together with the Jaguar patented seal of safety, balance and durability, it is one of the most sought about luxury car models as of the latest.

Estimated Price Range for Used Jaguar XK: $32,000-$108,000
Estimated MPG for Jaguar XK: 16 City/25 Hwy
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