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The Jaguar XJS was another one of the luxurious cars brought into the commercial market by Jaguar, one of the leading authorities with regard to luxury car making as of today. It is a luxury grand tourer type of automobile specifically designed to bring about style, luxury and elegance to both the driver and the passengers. It was available during the period of 1975 up to 1996, having sold about tens of thousands of units throughout the whole world.

This Jaguar XJS was available in the all powerful Jaguar V12 engine. It comes in both automatic and manual configurations of transmission with the speeds of 4 and 5. It also comes in convertible models and couple models. It is one of the top selling and high quality luxury vehicle sought about by car collectors and enthusiasts throughout the whole world as of the latest. In fact, the Jaguar Car Company has made tremendous profits thru this car model throughout the whole duration that it was up for sale.

Estimated Price Range for Used Jaguar XJS: $1,000-$13,500
Estimated MPG for Jaguar XJS: 11 City/16 Hwy
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