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Jaguar E-Type 150

The Jaguar E-Type was yet another one of the best selling automobile units manufactured and produced by the elite car company Jaguar between the years of 1961 up to 1974. It has the outstanding combinations of elegance, style and optimum performance. Due to its competitive yet semi-affordable price, it made the Jaguar Company relish so much success in the line of luxury car making business since then.

This Jaguar E-Type has sold tens of thousands of units since its release. It has been one of the most sought out Jaguar car models by car fanatics, enthusiasts and avid car collectors as of today. It has the patented seal of Jaguar’s durability, safety and balance that cannot be found in other luxury car models during its prime. As a two-seat grand tourer and as a convertible type of automobile, it showed great success paving the way for the more modern car designs patterned through it specifically.

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