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The I35 is the second generation in the I Series of Infiniti, the luxury car division of Nissan Motors. The variant was introduced in 2001 when the Infiniti I30 received a major overhaul and was renamed as the I35. The new nameplate reflected the increase in engine displacement from 3.0L to 3.5L.

Its VQ35DE V6 engine produced 255 hp (190 kW). Styling likewise received an update including the minor interior revisions. Other upgrades to the Infiniti I35 were larger brakes, new optional equipment, standard stability control and retuned suspension system. All these improvements enabled Infiniti to keep the I30 a competitive sports sedan, matching market paces with the BMW 5-Series and MBZ E-class. The Infiniti I35 also drew its strength from its smoother handling, security of its front-wheel drive, simplicity of maintenance and quality of assembly. The 2004 model was the last production year of the I35 with the introduction of its successor the Infiniti M.

Estimated Price Range for Used Infiniti I35: $4,000-$10,500
Estimated MPG for Infiniti I35: 17 City/34 Hwy
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