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A vehicle such as the Hummer H3T is now considered under the pickup category. This is because ever since the brand came out with new designs that don’t fall far from the famous Hummer family tree. It is also considered as the answer to the wishes of several off-road drivers that their Humvees would exude more roughness and toughness.

As for the fuel efficiency obsessed drivers, this is another dream come true that for a V8 fan. The miles per gallon rates at 13 for city driving and 16 for highway cruising. This is a big deal given the fact that the Hummer H3T runs on such an engine.

Pummeling the rough terrains with a 5 cylinder engine, 239 hp and 241 lbs/ft torque could actually uproot a tree and other hard to budge things. Take not that the higher the horsepower, the lower its fuel efficiency gets the Alpha version at 300hp would start one’s savings go really dry.

Estimated Price Range for Used Hummer H3T: $20,000-$39,000
Estimated MPG for Hummer H3T: 14 City/18 Hwy
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