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Ford Focus in BlueThe Ford Focus car was first introduced and sold in Europe in 1998. In 2000, it was marketed in North America and in 2002, it was also sold in Australia.

The first generation of the Focus was produced in 1998 through 2004. Its body styles were the three-door hatchback, the five-door hatchback, the four-door saloon, and the five-door estate. The engines available for the Focus are the 1.4L I4 Zetec-SE, the 1.6L I4 Zetec-SE, 1.8L I4 Zetec-E, 1.8L I4 Diesel TDDI, 1.8L I4 Diesel TDCI, and the 2.0L I4 Setec-E.

Base MSRP for New Ford Focus: $16,500
Estimated MPG for Used Ford Focus: 28 City/40 Hwy
Available Trims: ZX3, LX, SE, ZX4, ZTS
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The second generation of the Ford Focus was produced from 2004 and is still being produced at present. The body styles for this are the three- and five-door hatchback, the four-door sedan, the five-door station wagon, and the two-door coupe cabriolet. The number of engines available for this one increased. Aside from those in the first generation, there are the 1.6L I4 Zetec-SE Ti-VCT, 1.6L I4 Diesel TDCI, 1.6L I4 Diesel TDCI DPF, 1.8L I4 Duratec HE, 1.8L I4 Duratec HE Flexi-fuel, 2.0L I4 Duratec HE, 2.0L I4 Diesel TDCI, and lastly the 2.5L I5 Turbocharged T5.

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