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Ford FalconThe North American Ford Motor Company produced the Ford Falcon in 1960 until 1970. The Falcon rivaled mainly against the Chevrolet Corvair and the Valiant from Chrysler.

The First Generation Falcon, produced in 1960 to 1963, started with a 2.4L I6 engine and a two-speed automatic or three-speed manual transmission. Later, the 2.8L I6 and the 4.3L V8 engines were also available as well as the 4-speed automatic transmission. The available body styles for this generation were the two-door coupe, the four-door sedan, the three-door station wagon, the five-door station wagon, the two-door hardtop, and the two-door convertible.

Estimated Price Range for Used Ford Falcon: $3000-$30,000
Available Trims: base
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In 1964 to 1965, the Second Generation Falcon was made. It had a fresher look compared to the First Generation. The body styles available were the same as the first. The engines for this model were the 144 CID Thriftpower I6, the 170 CID Thriftpower I6, the 200 CID Thriftpower I6, the 260 CID Windsor V8, the 289 CID Windsor V8, and the 302 Windsor V8. The transmissions were the three-speed automatic and the four-speed manual.

The third, and last, generation of the Falcon was produced in 1966 to 1970. It was available in only three body styles, the two-door coupe, the four-door sedan, and the five-door wagon.

1961 Ford Falcon 482 BB Chevy Drag Racing

Ford Falcon Ute Commercial