Used Ford F-100

1954 Ford F-100The Ford F-100 is part of the second generation Ford F-series pick up trucks manufactured by the Ford Motor Company. Due to the popularity of the first generation Ford F pick-ups, Ford was encouraged to design and innovate the model with more features. In 1953, the F-series underwent a renovation with its design, giving birth to the second generation F-series pickups with a more streamlined look and new names. The Ford F-100 until then was referred to as the F-10. Automatic transmission was included in this second generation models. Three years later, a version of the F-150 with “low GVWR” or gross vehicle weight rating. This made the vehicle less rugged looking and appeal to other markets than the usual suburban and rural drivers who were the main audience of the Ford F-100.

Currently, dealerships that specialize in vintage cars still carry the Ford F-100 as the model has been discontinued since 1983. These car dealerships add features like turn signals and seat belts, which at least for the first three generations, were not standard equipment.

Estimated Price Range for Used Ford F100: $1000-$70,000
Estimated MPG for Used Ford F100: 8 City/17 Hwy
Available Trims: base
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