Used Ford E-Series Van

Ford E-Series VanThe Ford E-Series Van holds the distinction of being America’s best seller in the field of full-sized (which means it can hold both passenger and cargo) vans for the past 28 years. Since its debut in 1961, it has undergone changes with its name, having been known before as the Econoline (still somewhat used now) and the Club Wagon. All Ford E-Series vans are produced only in the Ford Ohio plant in Avon Lake.

The E-Series line has undergone major changes throughout the years, whether in its engine, chassis, or exterior design. For the 2009 model, modifications such as a navigation system and switches in the upfitter area were made in the dashboard, while the glove compartment of the van was relocated from its engine cover-integrated design to the from of the passenger. A safety feature available with the Ford E-Series Van that is not readily available even for regular-sized cars is a backup camera in the van’s rear view.

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Ford E-Series Van Overview & Walkaround