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The Ford Bronco, a sport-utility vehicle (SUV), was originally launched to compete against the Jeep CJ 5 and International Harvester Scout from 1966 until 1996. It was Ford Motor Company’s first compact SUV.

Generally, Broncos can be grouped into two categories: First Broncos produced in 1966 to 1977 and the full-size Broncos built from 1978 until 1996. However, the standard Bronco should be four-wheel drive and has low range. These characteristics didn’t change for 30 years of its production. There were just a few available two-wheel drive Broncos, but they were made to be sold outside the United States.

The full-size Broncos were manufactured at Ford’s Michigan Truck Plant which is located in Wayne, Michigan. This is the same plant were Broncos’ successor, Expedition, were also produced. The use of coil springs gave Bronco a 34-ft turning circle and long wheel travel. It has an anti-dive geometry which is effective for snowplowing.

Estimated Price Range for Used Ford Bronco: $1,250 – $22,000
Estimated MPG for Used Ford Bronco: 11 City/16 Hwy
Available Trims: base, II, Eddie Bauer, 4WD
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