Used Fiat Cars

Fiat LogoFiat, one of the largest auto-manufacturing firms in Europe began operations in 1899 with former cavalry officer Giovanni Agnelli at the helm. Its product offerings range from commercial vehicles to construction machinery, thermomechanics and telecommunications equipment, engine components and tractors, to airplanes. Agnelli soon made himself known for his innovative leadership and determination to let Fiat soar to success.

Despite the war, Fiat expanded its line. It formed a conglomeration with several enterprises. Agnelli reorganized the company and obtained the services of a former consulting engineer to assume greater control on manufacturing, instead of relying predominantly on foreign suppliers.

During its early years, Fiat’s auto production was restricted by the high tariff policy in Italy. Imported cars then could not be afforded by the average Italian. Fiat had an 80 percent of the market; the remaining 20 percent went to expensive Italian-made sports cars.

In the succeeding years, Fiat produced compact cars and models with outstanding gas mileage. Fiat faced setbacks like the changing political climate, but in time, it generated profits and expanded and actualized the commitment to innovation laid out by its founder.