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Testarossa (“red head” in Italian) was the named used by Ferrari for their car produced in 1984. The name was chosen by Ferrari and Pininfarina to describe the red-painted cam covers for the car similar to redheaded women. The comparison to women’s body parts was a way that the two have used to name their cars. Pininfarina designed the Testarossa’s body. Its “cheese graters” was the solution for the overheating cabin due to the twin radiators in the rear instead of the usual single radiator in the front. The side strakes (cheese graters) also improved the stability and the handling due to the widening of the car.

Estimated Price Range for Used Ferrari Testarossa: $35,000-$71,000
Estimated MPG for Ferrari Testarossa: 10 City/15 Hwy
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Ferrari Testarossa, a two-door coupe, was launched in the 1984 Paris Motor Show. It had the five-speed manual transmission that was mounted on the wheels on the rear that gives off power. Its weight distribution of 40 percent at the front and 60 percent at the rear was due the read, mid-engine, rear-wheel drive. Testarossa engines have 4.9 L with Ferrari Colombo Flat-12 engines. These have four valves per cylinder with a total of 48 valves running. Its maximum power is 390 hp and maximum torque is 490 N-m. Acceleration is 5.8 seconds (0 to 100 km/h) and maximum power is 290 km/h.

The wheels of Testarossa are by Michelin (International version) and Goodyear (US version). Its interiors are of leather (hand-sewn) and fine carpeting, which makes it a real luxury. A convertible version, called Testarossa, was built by Ferrari and designed by Pininfarina for Fiat’s (Ferrari’s mother company) late President Gianni Agnelli. Though requests have been made for this model, Ferrari have refused to release another car so unofficial versions have bee released by Pininfarina and other conversions firms.

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