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The Dodge Ram Van is the Grandfather of the Dodge Rams 1500, 2500, and the 3500. While the younger Rams need a crew cab to secure its rear, the Dodge Ram Van is fully enclosed adding a greater security level to you and your family.

The first nod is all about space. Your little girl might mistake the Dodge Ram Van as her dollhouse since she can easily have a place of her own and not get rammed, pun intended,  by her older brothers.

Even though oversized whale with wheels have the best seating comfort, it lags behind fuel efficiency rating around 11 MPG for city and highway driving, but why blame its power since you’re driving a V6 engine that does not overrev over 87 mph.

The Dodge Ram Van is a solid 5.2 liter ride making you appear as if you’re the King of the Asphalt Kingdom.

Estimated Price Range for Used Dodge Ram Van: $500-$2,000
Estimated MPG for Dodge Ram Van: 13 City/18 Hwy
Available Trims: Base, B150, 1500
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