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The best thing that happened to the Dodge Ram 3500 is its dual rear wheels. The Big Daddy of all Dodge Rams, this truck can haul practically anything that needs to be uprooted, re-located or shoved.

Ask its power and the number is nothing but One. Yes, it is that strong you can even haul your entire tree house together with the tree! You can easily store it in the crew cab. There is the regular one, the Quad and the Mega Cab.

Keep in mind that the Mega Cab that you think is calling your name is around 76 inches compared to the regular cab which is 98 inches. The Quad fits your 3500 exactly. So push and pull everything that you can securely fit in your cab with the help of your 5.7/6.7 liter V8 cylinder with a 345/350 horsepower and 375/650 ft. – lbs. torque.

Estimated Price Range for Used Dodge Ram 3500: $650-$6,500
Estimated MPG for Dodge Ram 3500: 12 City/20 Hwy
Available Trims: ST, LT, SLT
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