Used Dodge Dakota

Dodge Dakota in BlueDiscovering new routes is so much fun when you drive a Dodge Dakota. Getting lost would not be a problem since this 3.7 liter Magnum V6 engine would not crumble at the thought of an uninstalled GPS tracker or a broken compass.

Gas wastage isn’t a problem. The Dodge Dakota has a gas exhaust re-circulator that can take care of lower emissions. If you happen to find a broken car as you tread new territories, lending a hand is so much easier with the Dakota’s maximum towing capabilities.

Don’t worry that your Dodge Dakota would not bear too much load since you’d be transporting two pine medium-sized trees, a St. Bernard and 3 sacks of feeds. Your precious can carry as much as 1,720 pounds of load. Accidents happen but the Dakota is equipped to keep its tires stuck to the asphalt like Velcro with its ABS and ARS.

Estimated Price Range for Used Dodge Dakota: $799-$1,895
Estimated MPG for Dodge Dakota: 17 City/22 Hwy
Available Trims: Base, Sport, SLT
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