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Dodge Charger in BlackLike a raging bull to the matador, the Dodge Charger is one piece of remarkable creation. Feel the horsepower and torque with its 2.7 liter DOHC V6 and choose between the 4 speed or the 5 speed that has the Autostick which makes it so easy to switch from manual to automatic with one move.

Should you be late for that hot date, you can maneuver those deadly curves using the ESP. Well, it’s not your sixth sense honey. It’s the Electronic Stability Program that has been working so well for the Dodge Charger as well as the other line up of automobiles by Chrysler.

Fall in love with the gauges in the dashboard that reminds you of your tire’s PSI and other necessities like fuel and temperature levels which perhaps is the reason why you are running late. Stare at them later! You’re running late!

Base MSRP for New Dodge Charger: $25,395
Estimated MPG for Dodge Charger: 22 City/33 Hwy
Available Trims: SE, Rally, R/T
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