Used Dodge Caliber

Dodge CaliberDirty Harry will blush at the speed of the Dodge Caliber. Surely he would pack his magnums away at the knowledge of the following features:

It’s all about the Hood Scoop
The Dodge Caliber loads it up with a 2.4 liter turbo I4 engine for maximum torque. What’s great about it is that a built-in hood scoop is present to take care of the air intake should you burn the rubber.

Suspension Guaranteed
Your driver’s license will not recoil or allow you to hit your face at the steering wheel but rather give you the safest ride with its anti-lock brakes and the rear multi-link suspension as well as the remarkable front-suspension.

Colors that allow skid marks on the road
Other drivers will most likely slam on their brake pedals once you dash by with jaw-dropping colors like inferno read crystal pearl or the sunburst orange pearl.

Base MSRP for New Dodge Caliber: $17,380
Estimated MPG for Dodge Caliber: 24 City/32 Hwy
Below are Pre-Owned Dodge Caliber from Ebay and 7 of the top used-car sites on the web:

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