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One of the lowest-priced Chrysler models during its time, the Chrysler Royal was manufactured from 1937 to 1942 and from 1946 to 1950. The Chrysler Windsor took its place at the end of 1950, but that was not the end for the Royal. Chrysler’s division in Australia revived the Royal in 1957; the outcome was known as the Chrysler Royal AP1. The Royal underwent another makeover the following year this time, the vehicle had major styling changes, including a new horizontal bar grille, a chrome spear with fins, and a V symbol at the middle of the grille (which stood for V8 engines in Royals). Third-generation Royals received more improvements in terms of performance and aesthetics during the 1960s. The most noticeable changes include three taillights at the rear of the fins, a ribbon-type speedometer, and a three-speed transmission.

The Royal was popular during its time. Although it seems that the vehicle has lost its old glory, a number of collectors and restorers still appreciate the beauty of this classic car.

Estimated Price Range for Used Chrysler Royal: $4,000-$64,000
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