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In the automotive industry, the Chrysler Pacifica is known as one of the first big crossover wagons. The Pacifica was launched in 2004, when it was made available in Limited trim and base levels. This crossover has the perfect mix of the drivability of a sedan and the functionality of SUVs and minivans. Such quality is shown by Pacifica’s five to six seating capacity, raised seats, and four front-hinged doors. Its suspension system has earned accolades for its sedan-like handling.

The Pacifica, which is equipped with a four-speed automatic transmission, comes in either an all-wheel drive or a front-wheel drive. Its 2007 models were outfitted with a new six-speed automatic transmission and a new 4-liter V6 engine (rated at 255 horsepower and 265 lb-ft of torque) for better fuel economy. Wrapped in a stylish and chic sheet metal, Pacifica is quite on the high end in terms of exterior design compared to its rivals in the crossover market.

Estimated Price Range for Used Chrysler Pacifica: $3,750-$16,000
Estimated MPG for Chrysler Pacifica: 16 City/23 Hwy
Available Trims: Base, Touring, Limited
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