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True to its name, the Chrysler Imperial held the highest placed car in Chrysler’s line of luxury models. For most of Chrysler’s existence in the automotive industry, the Imperial has enjoyed the distinction of being the automaker’s top-of-the-line model. Launched in 1926, Imperial was touted to beat competitors in the luxury car arena.

Since 1931 until 1993, Imperial has undergone numerous changes particularly in its design, engine, and safety features. Existing Imperial vehicles come in a variety of body styles such as five-passenger sedan, two and four-passenger roadster, seven-passenger limousine, and four seater coupe.

The Imperial is equipped with an engine that’s a bit bigger than the standard size used by the automaker. A 3.3-liter or 3.8-liter V6 engine powers the vehicle. Standard features include four-speed automatic transmission, cassette player, and vinyl roof. Safety features such as cruise control, ABS brakes, and driver-side airbag also come standard in every Imperial. Like some of Chrysler’s models, the Imperial is also equipped with hidden headlights located behind foldable covers.

Estimated Price Range for Used Chrysler Imperial: $1,900-$34,500
Estimated MPG for Chrysler Imperial: 16 City/23 Hwy
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