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Buick Electra, which was introduced in the market in 1959, followed the Roadmaster. It was a big car with a sporty streak. It was imbued with Buick’s traditional styling cues. It was an eminently desirable car during its time. An embodiment of luxury, speed & comfort, the Electra reportedly generated brisk sales, even though motorists were lured by the compact vehicles which arrived in the marketplace.

The Electra 225 offered even more interior space but a bit less maneuverability. Though not as electrifying for some people as its name may suggest, the Electra was a beguiling car. It was powered by a V-8 engine. The four door sedan’s standard features included power-assisted brakes and steering. Luxury car lovers during the mid-1960s who wanted their vehicles wide and long took delight in the Electra’s sleek looks inside & out. The rooflines and rear-quarter panels were the Electra’s other standout characteristics. A real classic beauty, succeeding models of the Buick Electra like the early `70s versions remained headturners that make a nice addition to the a car connoisseur’s collection.

Estimated Price Range for Used Buick Electra: $1,000-$24,000
Estimated MPG for Buick Electra: 17 City/27 Hwy
Available Trims: base, 225, Park Avenue, Limited
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