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Back in the 50s, Buick’s prestigious lineup included a fast car which upped the ante in upscale car production for the auto maker. The Buick Century arrived in the auto marketplace in 1936. Rated as a nice, comfortable and reliable car, the Buick Century appealed to car owners who simply wanted a car that can quietly and comfortably transport them without fanfare. In other words, it reflected Buick’s trademark look in a discreet, unassuming manner. Buick Century offers a smooth ride over most surfaces, with the exception of roads laden with potholes, which can create some disturbance to the suspension. The Century’s top speed reads 185 km/hour.

Today, the newest Century model offers not just fuel economy but trademark quality and comfort that Buick has become noted for. Standard features of the 2010 Buick Century range from entertainment systems to stereo dual-zone climate control, tilt steering wheel, remote keyless entry, plush reclining seats with manual height adjustment, a host of power features and tire inflation monitor to a Global Positioning system.

Estimated Price Range for Used Buick Century: $900-$19,000
Estimated MPG for Buick Century: 18 City/27 Hwy
Available Trims: base, Custom, Special, Limited
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