Used Bugatti Cars

Bugatti-Veyron-in-BlueThe legendary Bugatti, which has created one of the fastest and most expensive production cars in history, started operations in the 1900s. A talented engineer, Ettore Bugatti, founded the marquee and created a racing team, which had an unparalleled string of victories throughout the 1920s and way into the 1930s.

Bugatti’s engineering prowess was first exemplified by the Bugatti Type 10, which was fitted with 1131 cc four-cylinder eight-valve engine.

World War I prompted Ettore Bugatti to sell the license for his car production to French Peugeot. Eventually, France became the base of operations for Bugatti car production.  Various models – the Type 13, Type 22 and Type23 were called the Brescia Bugatti.

The most outstanding Bugatti cars produced included the Type 35, a classic racing car which had 2,000 victories to its credit; the Type 51, which had an alluring body shape among cars made during its period; the Type 57, and the Type 59, the last of the flashing racing cars. Recent years saw works of art like the Veyron, a stunning car carrying the legendary name, arriving in the marketplace.