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BMW Z3 CoupeIf you are a fan of James Bond movies, then chances are that you’ve also fallen in love with the BMW Z3 which was featured in the Ian Fleming-inspired movie, Golden Eye. The Z3, despite its German pedigree, to some extent could be called an American car for it is the first new BMW model assembled in the US. Also regarded as the first modern roadster for the mass market from BMW, this vehicle was launched as a 1996 model and had a coupe version prior to the car’s last production run in 2002.

The BMW Z3 is strongly linked with the German manufacturer’s 3-Series, particularly. The Z3 platform was developed from that E36, while the car’s rear semi-trailing arm suspension is from the E30. The first Z3 model’s 1.9L M44B19 straight-4 engine and interior appointments were behind buyer’s expectations and have been upgraded in the later models. Among these BMW Z3 upgrades was a larger straight-6 engine installed in the North American 1997 model.

Estimated Price Range for Used BMW Z3: $4,000-$28,000
Estimated MPG for BMW Z3: 19 City/26 Hwy
Available Trims: 3.0i, 2.8, 2.5i, Roadster
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