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BMW X5 xDrive48i back viewThe German automobile manufacturer BMW entered the market for sports utility vehicles (SUV) in 1999 with its introduction of the BMW X5. The German car maker, however, describes the X5 as a sports activity vehicle (SAV) in a market-positioning attempt to give emphasis to the vehicles’ on-road ability despite its being a mid-size SUV. All X5s sold worldwide are manufactured in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

An all-wheel drive, the BMW X5 is marketed in a range of V8 and gasoline inline-6s engines, as well as 3.0 L diesel engines. The production of the X5’s late 2000 generation marked the SUV shift to sedan-based crossovers from truck-based body-on-frame used in earlier models. BMW X5 competitors which have also shifted to sedan-based crossovers include the Mercedes Benz M-Class and Lexus RX 300. BMW continued to use the X prefix to its SAVs with its introduction of the BMW X3 in the Detroit Auto Show in 2003.

Estimated Price Range for Used BMW X5: $500-$17,000
Estimated MPG for BMW X5: 14 City/20 Hwy
Available Trims: 4.4i, 3.0i, 4.8i
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