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BMW Z4 M Coupe in BlueThe BMW M Coupe could be considered as a fraternal twin of the M Roadster. It was developed by a BMW M/Motorworks team headed by Burkhard Göschel, with the end in view of improving on the structural and torsional rigidity of the E36/8 Z3 roadster’s chassis. The BMW board approved the idea but on the condition that the M Coupe production would be as cost-effective as possible. Thus, many body panels of the BMW M Coupe are the same in design as those of the Z3 version of the M Roadster, including the A-pillar forward, the doors, and most interior components.

Parts designs from the Z3 coupe versions were likewise adapted in the M Coupe like the chassis and drive train. Additionally, the M Roadster’s semi-trailing arm rear suspension design was also incorporated in the BMW M Coupe. But to give credit to the Göschel team, they were able to produce an M Coupe that delivers superior handling despite having to adapt many features from the M Roadster.

Estimated Price Range for Used BMW M Coupe: $5,500-$96,000
Estimated MPG for BMW M Coupe: 19 City/26 Hwy
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