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BMW 5-Series: The 535i Sedan in BlueCars manufactured under the BMW 5-Series thrive under the number 5. This series, addressed to the mid-size/executive car market segment, is now on its fifth generation and has sold over 5 million units since its introduction in 1972. The BMW 5-Series was so named because it is the fifth of the “new series” of models after the V-8 and Isetta offerings from the BMW production line. Body styling of the 5-Series was done by Marcello Gandini who based the design on the Bertone 1970 Garmisch 2002ti show car exhibited in Geneva that year.

Two other classy cars sport a similar Gandini design, the Alfa Romeo Alfetta and the Fiat 132. The five generations of models in the BMW 5- Series are differentiated by unique numbers in their chassis. The BMW tradition of naming its cars in three digits also began with the 5-Series, with the first digit indicating the model and following two digits representing the deciliter size of the engine.

Base MSRP for New BMW 5-Series: $45,050
Estimated MPG for BMW 5-Series: 22 City/32 Hwy
Available Trims: 525I, 530I, 535I, 528I, 550I
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