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The Acura RSX is the North American version of the compact luxury car of Honda which is marketed as the Integra DC5 in Japan. The RSX was introduced in the US market in 2002, and was sold in its base and Type-S trim levels, both of which come equipped with K-series engines which can be significantly tuned later on. The K-series motor, is much-vaunted for its intelligent VTEC or i-VTEC under which valve lift, valve timing, and valve duration are adjusted electronically.

This feature gives the 2.0L engine a flatter torque curve compared to previous VTEC versions which only have valve lift and valve duration adjustments. The base RSX has an option for either s five speed manual or an automatic transmission. It sports a K20A3 motor with an output of 160 hp (119 kW). The Type-S K20A2 engine has a 200-hp power for the 2002-2004 models. A 210-hp (157 kW) rating was adopted in the Type S 2005 k20Z1 motor with a short-throw six-speed manual transmission.

Estimated Price Range for Used Acura RSX: $5500 – $ $12,500
Estimated MPG for Used Acura RSX: 21 City/28 Hwy
Available Trims: base, Type S
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