Used Chevrolet G20 Van

Chevrolet G20 Van 150

If you are looking for one workhorse of a vehicle, then the Chevrolet G20 van should be among those on the top of your list. The G20, as its name suggests belongs to the Chevrolet G-series of vans.

It is a full-size van that has become popular in many different kinds of businesses and trades, from caterers to plumbers, because of its low cost of upkeep, size and options available. The Chevrolet G20 van runs on an SB 262 4.3L engine, and very little has changed since the series original release except in the carburetor to a throttle body fuel system.

The Chevrolet G20s from 1963 to 1970 were fitted with six-lug rims, which was changed to five lug 5-inch bolt circle in the 1971-1976 generation. The Chevrolet G20 van also share the ball joints design of the 1-ton pickups but uses the brake rotors of the 0.5-ton pickup trucks.

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