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The Chevrolet Corvair is one automobile that comes in a chameleon of body designs. It is a compact car that auto buyers could have as a four-door sedan, two-door coupe, convertible, hardtop, station wagon or even as a compact van with the style of a pick up, panel or passenger van.

In the pickup configuration, the Corvair features an unconventional side-loading ramp and a cargo floor raised above the rear engine. The Chevrolet Corvair initial introduction as an economy sedan was not a deterrent to the development of a sporty version, the coupe which was introduced before the Ford Mustang became popular. The design of this sporty sedan is a precursor to the later style of the Chevrolet Camaro.

The Corvair sports an innovative flat-6 rear-mounted, air-cooled engine in options of 2296 cc, 2375 cc and 2683 cc. The flat engine design allows room for a spare tire, leaving more space in the forward trunk compartment.

Estimated Price Range for Used Chevrolet Corvair: $4,000-$13,000
Estimated MPG for Chevrolet Corvair: avg 17.7
Available Trims: base
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