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A multi-awarded car, the Chevrolet Caprice was conferred the Car of the Year Award in 1977 and 1971 by Motor Trend magazine. Its Caprice Classic variant also landed in the 1983 Ten Best list of Car and Driver magazine.

The Caprice was introduced in 1965 as a full-size car and emerged as the most luxurious and expensive model in the Chevrolet line-up of full-sized automobiles. Four generations of the Chevrolet Caprice graced auto show rooms before production of the line was stopped in 1996.

Estimated Price Range for Used Chevrolet Caprice: $2,000-$35,000
Estimated MPG for Chevrolet Caprice: 15 City/22 Hwy
Available Trims: base, Classic
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All generations were powered by variations of the V8 engine, except the third generation which sported straight-6 and V6 motors. In terms of body style, the second-generation Chevrolet Caprice offered the most choices: hardtop and coupe in either two-door or four-door variants, four-door station wagon, and two-door convertible. The fourth-generation Caprice iterations include among its ranks a police package variant which was a favorite in particular by men in uniform in Michigan who were convinced of the superiority of this Chevy in terms of speed and acceleration.

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