2012 Tesla Roadster 2.5

The Tesla Roadster 2.5 is an electric motor driven sports car. It is the first production car to use a Lithium Ion battery as its power source.

The Tesla Roadster is powered by a 375 volt AC Induction motor with variable frequency drive and can produce a maximum power of 302 HP between 5000 to 6000 rpm.

Green Performance

It creates a torque of 273 lbs-ft. at 5400 rpm. The car has an extremely smooth acceleration and can go from 0 to 60 in just 3.9 seconds and has a top speed of 125 mph.

The Lithium Ion battery has a service life of 7 years/100,000 miles. The all electric power train responds instantly to driver input. Unlike other electric vehicles, the Roadster has a long range of up to 245 miles per charge. The car can be charged using almost any standard electrical outlet. The Roadster gives supercar performance, but with zero emissions.


The car is fitted with 4 wheel independent suspension system using unequal length wishbones and co-axial spring telescopic dampers. The optional adjustable suspension system can be set by the driver to suit his driving preference.

Exterior & Interior

The body of the car is made of carbon fiber composites and is hand built. It uses a light weight aluminum monocoque chassis. This gives sufficient rigidity and strength.

The exterior of the car has a pleasing, aerodynamic design with an elegant front fascia and a rear diffuser. The Roadster is available in more than a dozen colors. The car has dimensions of 155.1 inches length, total width of 72.9 inches and an overall height of 44.35 inches.

The interior of the car has been built with the driver in mind. The seats are comfortable and have lumbar support. A 7″ touchscreen is one of the options available and it features controls, navigation and also a back up screen. The cabin is quiet as it is well insulated against external noise.


A wide variety of safety systems have been incorporated in the car. It has an ABS braking system, front and rear crumple zones, door beams against side impact and airbags etc.

Tesla has announced that the last version of this iconic car will be marketed in Europe, Asia and Australia.


General Info
Vehicle Type: Electric Coupe Base Price: $128,500.00
Length: 155.1 in. (394 cm) Wheel Base: 92.6 in. (235 cm)
Height: 44.3 in. (112.6 cm) Width: 72.9 in. (185 cm)
Curb Weight: 2723 lbs (1235 kg) Maximum Seating: 2 people
Engine: 375 Volt AC Electric Motor Battery Range: 245 miles
Horsepower: 302 HP Max RPM: 5000-6000 RPM
Torque: 273 lb-ft @ 5400 rpm Transmission: Single Fixed Gear
0-60 mph: 3.9 seconds Maximum Speed: 125 mph (201 km/h)