Bertone Barchetta Concept


Geneva heats again the spirit in auto world. A series of producers have already announced the models and concepts that will be revealed with this occasion, and others intend to do so. Geneva is the place where show up series cars, popular cars, but also a series of “weird” stuff or superexclusivist concepts. Some of these never reach the level of finished product and only some of the components are integrated in other models. We still do not know how the story of Bertone Roadster Concept will be finalised, but the car definitely manages in a natural way to capture ones imagination.
The model is a very refined, futuristic and aggressive one and it represents Bertone’s gift at its 95Th anniversary. The car has “pocket” sizes and it is built on FIAT Panda’s platform and the latter’s propeller of 100 HP is enough to get considerable appreciation. The Roadster can have on board 2 persons in an interior as extravagant as the exterior. The main design features come from Fiat 500 with Barchetta bodywork created by Nuccio Bertone (1947).
Why Fiat? Because there is a very strong link between the two companies, their relationship having lasted for more than eighty ears and having generated over fifty successful models concept cars (ex: 850 Spider to the X1/9, Ritmo Cabrio to the Punto Cabrio).
The result of this latest collaboration is a completely above fashion, futuristic car which although shows Bertone traditions (clean cut lines), also projects the concept of Barchetta into the future through great elegance and sophisticated irony.
Master panel beaters (still working for Bertone today) have entirely hand beaten the upper shell and the single piece of aluminium extends from the front tip of the bonnet to embrace the upper part of the sides and rear arches, terminating in the tail. Another patent of Bertone brand, the opening scissors doors are a proof of the company’s attention to the specific issue of accessibility.

Under the futuristic body there is a gear box coming from Panda and the engine that we have mentioned earlier:1.4 litres, 16 valves which develops 100 HP at 600 rpm and a driving torque of 131 NM. Panda reaches 0-100 km/h in 9.5 seconds and a maximum speed of 185 Km /h. The Concept car is expected to obtain a higher performance due to it’s very light body.

Other Dimensions: Length: 3,585 mm; Width: 1,705 mm; Height: 1,090 mm; Wheelbase: 2,300 mm; Wheels: 20-alloys; Tyres: Pirelli 225/30 R20