2011 Subaru Advanced Tourer Concept

In the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, Subaru came up with a new global brand statement, “Confidence in Motion”. This statement is captured perfectly by their new concept car, the 2012 Subaru Advanced Tourer Concept.

The embodiment of “confidence in motion” in this car looks like the sign of what Subaru’s future is to look like.


The Advanced Tourer is a perfect mix of driving dynamics and environmental consciousness. This is a next generation wagon that is firmly targeting the competitive C-segment car market. Utilizing a sharp and unique design not found anywhere else; this intriguing style combines the dynamics usually expected in a sports car and the practicality usually expected in a wagon.

Thanks to its design, the interior features a ton of space, making it friendly for driver, passenger, and luggage. Not only that, the cabin is also decked with high quality materials and a unique glass roof.


But of course, Subaru is always going to be known as a sports car brand, and the Advanced Tourer lives up to the expectations. Utilizing Subaru’s downsizing concept, a smaller version of Subaru’s venerable horizontally opposed Boxer engine is equipped here. But that doesn’t mean it lacks technology.

The 1600cc Boxer is equipped with direct fuel injection and a turbocharger. The logic of using this engine is to increase overall fuel efficiency while still being able to harness the same levels of power.

This car is also the owner of the world’s first mass produced longitudinally mounted continuously variable transmission. Add Subaru’s Hybrid System, and the 2012 Subaru advanced Tourer Concept is indeed one of the most advanced cars out there.


General Info
Vehicle Type: Concept Base Price: NA
Length: 180.3 in. (458 cm) Drivetrain: AWD
Height: 56.3 in. (143 cm) Width: 72.4 in. (184 cm)
Engine: Boxer 4 Hybrid Turbo Displacement: 1600 cc