Spyker C12 Zagato

Spyker, the small producer from “Tulip Land” and the famous design house Zagato presented at Geneva an exclusive supercar, meant to celebrate the Dutch debut in Formula 1. They introduce the Spyker C12 Zagato.

When one thinks of the rich heritage that both companies represent in the field of aviation and racing, the partnership is nothing short of logical. It would be hard to find a better combination, that of aesthetics, skill and passion.


General Info
Vehicle Type: Super Sport Coupe Est. Market Price: $684,103.00
Fuel Tank Capacity: 15.4 gallons (70l) MPG: NA
Length: 177.3 in. (450.5 cm) Wheelbase: 105.5 in. (268 cm)
Height: 49.2 in. (125 cm) Width: 79.9 in. (203.1 cm)
Curb Weight: 3262 lbs (1480 kg) Maximum Seating: 2
Engine: W12 VW AG Displacement: 6.0 Liter
Horsepower: 500 HP Max RPM: 6500 rpm
Torque: 450 lb-ft Transmission: 6-Speed Manual
0-60 mph: 3.8 seconds Top Speed: 193 mph (310 km/h)

Body Design

Borrowing design elements from the Formula 1 body, known by the code name of F8-VII F1, C12 Zagato has an aluminum body with stainless steel roof rails, and other Formula 1 design details such as: nose, air scoop, chimneys, mirror, rain light, fuel flap and diffuser.

Engine Performance

The C12 has a portentous 6 liter W12 propeller (12 cylinder, 500 hp W12) from Volkswagen AG an is able to accelerate in 3.8 seconds from 0-60 mph.

Other technical specifications that can be found on the Spyker C12 Zagato include a fuel tank that can hold 15.4 gallons (70l) and hit a top speed of 195 mph (310 km/h).

By combining Spyker’s styling philosophy and Zagato‚Äôs stylish design using the typical lines from Raptor Zagato (1996) an extremely relevant example of contemporary exotic high performance sports car has been created. Only 24 units are being made, the first delivery (destined to a very exclusive range of clients) is scheduled for March 2008.

The C12 Zagato comes at a hefty price and is only available in one color and can only be had in Europe at the moment.