2012 Smart For-Us Concept

America loves its large pickups, but they also love small, stylish automobiles for city driving, thus the people from Smart have come up with the 2012 Smart For-Us Concept.

This is a small vehicle which turns into a nifty and practical pickup, and the biggest bonus is it does not require expensive gas to power it as it runs on electricity.

Power Pack

The Smart runs on electricity and takes 8 hours from completely empty to fully charged from a simple household socket or a charging station and uses lithium batteries to hold the power. These batteries provide the power for the revolutionary electric engine.

The 55kw magneto electric engine provides quick acceleration from its 130 Newton meters of torque and will travel along at a top speed of 72 mph. This is no slow coach, with a four wheel drive option becoming available this year it will also become an off-roader.

Cargo Space

The cargo space in the rear has enough space for two smart eBikes and a docking station which allows the bikes to be charged while you are transporting them. There are also lots of stowage compartments for spares and tools. The eBikes have a maximum range of over 100 kilometers which should be ample for your ride out to the countryside.

Added Features

The 2012 Smart for Us concept provides a great urban run around and due to its size you should have no trouble in finding a space to park it. Its futuristic design does not just come on the outside but has a great range of cockpit features as well. All the dials and instruments are angled towards the driver and even has a smart phone replacing the traditional rear view mirror so you can see what is happening behind you via its video camera.

This concept vehicle is packed with ultra modern features in a very small body, but as well all know size it not everything and this car proves that combining maximum space in a small sized vehicle.


General Info
Vehicle Type: Pick Up Base Price: NA
Length: 139.6 in. (354.7 cm) Wheel Base: 97.6 in. (248 cm)
Height: 66.9 in. (170.1 cm) Width: 59 in. (150.6 cm)
0-60 mph: 12.8 seconds Maximum Speed: 90 mph (120 km/h)