2011 Smart Forspeed Concept

The 2011 Smart Forspeed Concept is capable of going from zero to 62 mph in 5.5 seconds flat and operates using an electric engine. Its top speed is at 75 mph and is ideal for environmentalists since the car produces zero pollutant emissions. It utilizes a lithium-ion battery and may be charged through any 220 Volt socket. Charging takes about 45 minutes to one hour.

The two-seater provides maximum driving enjoyment with the absence of a roof and side windows allowing air to get in and out freely of the vehicle. As an electric vehicle, the car is a very responsive and is easy to manipulate. The Smart Forspeed is an improvement from past Smart models that have already gained popularity in countries such as Italy, Spain and France.

The Forspeed model is equipped with an energy reserve that can provide an additional 5kW of power available for a short period. This can be used for overtaking in highways through a simple push on one of the buttons in the console. Fully charged, the automobile can run for 135 kilometers.

Combining sense and style, the Smart Forspeed Concept boasts of a very memorable design with its high-gloss metallic white exterior and rod-shaped LED’s throwing light to the outer rings of the vehicle.