2010 Mansory Rolls-Royce Ghost

This 2010, Rolls-Royce, together with MANSORY, has a surprise to offer. What better surprise than an up-sized Rolls-Royce Ghost! This new model is refined by MANSORY. Its lustrous blue exterior finish accentuates the shape of the car and would immediately catch the attention of people. Then, it has a gold varnish to add to the “exclusiveness” of the car.

The new MANSORY Ghost is not just an upgrade in terms of size and external features. Both the engine and the interior of the car have been extremely improved. This big package is armed with enlarged bi-turbo chargers, stainless steel sheeting, double sport exhaust system, and sport catalysts. At 5850 r.p.m., this refined Rolls-Royce Ghost runs with a power of 720 hp! The modifications in this unit made the torque sky rocket from 780 Newton Meters to 1,020 Newton Meters. Both front and rear wheels were improved and replaced with bigger and better tires. The car also accelerates at an extremely fast pace considering that it has a weight of 2,360 kilograms. To top it all up, the maximum speed of the car was further increased from 250 kilometers per hour to 310 kilometers per hour! Considering its sporty appearance, the interior of the car is surprisingly very comfortable.